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TomBot & JerryBot – TTS ‘X Factor’ Competition Entry

January 31st, 2011 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

Children in Year Two have been busy learning how to use a Flip Video Camera. They were challenged to create a movie, where Bee-Bots had a starring role. Children had to create characters for the Bee-Bots and decorate them accordingly. The children then had to decide on a story for their movie and programme the Bee-Bots to ‘act’ their roles.

Aaliyah, Lewis, Lilly and Konnor came up with the idea of doing a take on the classic ‘Tom & Jerry’ cartoon. They transformed two Bee-Bots into ‘TomBot’ and ‘JerryBot’ by decorating them carefully. Using a Bee-Bot ‘Home Activity Mat’, the children proceeded to programme TomBot to chase JerryBot through all the rooms. The children used a Bee-Bot ‘Stamper Kit’ to plan, and then refine, the chase.

The children asked Mrs Marriott to download the Tom & Jerry theme tune, as well as the ‘Yakety Sax’ (“chasing music”) for the final movie. Aaliyah, Leiws, Lilly and Konnor made all the decisions between them and led their own learning. They asked Mrs Marriot to help them during lunchtimes – so that they could get some more practise in and they asked Miss Hill to edit their final movie.

Here is the final cut of TomBot and JerryBot’s adventure:

Tom & Jerry Bots! from Michelle Amber Hill on Vimeo.

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  • Molly

    Wow that was very good how did you do that? I wouldn’t be able to do that as good as you! Well Done Year 2 and the Teachers! 😀

  • YearThreeTeacher

    I loved watching your TomBot and JerryBot video! It reminded me of watching the cartoons when I was little. I will show this to the children in our school and I hope they can have as much fun as you did when they start to use their BeeBots!

  • Miss Hill

    We would be delighted for you to share our Tom & Jerry movie with your classes! We are excited to watch the Bee-Bot movies that you produce – so please share it when ready!

  • MacICTSue

    I just love your “Tom & Jerry” movie.
    I have a Bee-Bots project. I am about to start working with about 25 schools around NSW who have Bee-Bots, Constructa-Bots or Pro-Bots in their classrooms. I am excited to be able to share such a wonderful movie with them.
    I wonder if one of our Bee-Bots classes could show you their efforts by Easter? Would you be interested?
    Sue Fennell, MacICT Robotics Project

  • Jack Sloan

    What a FANTASTIC idea, what FANTASTIC children, and what a FANTASTIC video! I am so impressed. Watching your film has given me lots of ideas and also made me laugh a lot! I think some of my Year 5 children would really struggle to achieve what you have done here.

    I will show it to them tomorrow in school. If you’d like to visit us, you can see our blog here:

    Well done once again – brilliant work.
    Jack Sloan
    Year 5 teacher,
    Ferry Lane Primary school

  • Mrs HARRIS

    Wow, Aalyiah, Lewis, Lilly and Konner – What a fantastic entry for the competition. It looks like you had great fun. I hope your entry wins, I will be cheering for you. Miss Hill give me a sneeky look on Friday and I was very impressed. Good Luck. Let me know if you win! Mrs H x

  • Ellie

    Wow that is so cool! I wish I was allowed to do that. This is better than the real Tom and Jerry. Well done for working together. Your teacher must be really proud of you. Great team work!

  • Abbie

    Wow! This is good. Well done! It’s exciting to watch. I love the way you have made Tom and Jerry out of bee bots. I would watch this on TV! It’s so good how you have worked as a team. Well done!!!!

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