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Year 2

We Have Been Writing Riddles

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Year Two have been writing riddles. First the children described objects then turned their descriptions into a non-rhyming riddle. Can you guess what our objects are?


I am big.

I have 4 wheels.

I can move around streets.

You can sit inside me.

I come in different colours.

Beware I might run you over.

What am I?

By Korben



I am long and thick.

You can swing me around.

You can jump over me.

Beware I might trip you over.

What am I?

By Jake P


The Life Cycle Of Plants

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Year Two have been learning about the life cycle of plants. The children planted Cress and bean seeds so that they could watch how things grow.


TomBot & JerryBot – TTS ‘X Factor’ Competition Entry

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Children in Year Two have been busy learning how to use a Flip Video Camera. They were challenged to create a movie, where Bee-Bots had a starring role. Children had to create characters for the Bee-Bots and decorate them accordingly. The children then had to decide on a story for their movie and programme the Bee-Bots to ‘act’ their roles.

Aaliyah, Lewis, Lilly and Konnor came up with the idea of doing a take on the classic ‘Tom & Jerry’ cartoon. They transformed two Bee-Bots into ‘TomBot’ and ‘JerryBot’ by decorating them carefully. Using a Bee-Bot ‘Home Activity Mat’, the children proceeded to programme TomBot to chase JerryBot through all the rooms. The children used a Bee-Bot ‘Stamper Kit’ to plan, and then refine, the chase.

The children asked Mrs Marriott to download the Tom & Jerry theme tune, as well as the ‘Yakety Sax’ (“chasing music”) for the final movie. Aaliyah, Leiws, Lilly and Konnor made all the decisions between them and led their own learning. They asked Mrs Marriot to help them during lunchtimes – so that they could get some more practise in and they asked Miss Hill to edit their final movie.

Here is the final cut of TomBot and JerryBot’s adventure:

Tom & Jerry Bots! from Michelle Amber Hill on Vimeo.


Today Year 2 planted daffodils to raise money for Marie Curie cancer care.

November 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Whats new in Year 2

Marie Curie Daffodils.


New Friends in Year 2!

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Come and meet our new friends in Year 2. Konnor is holding our Science whizz Discovery Dog and Luke is holding our Maths helper Naughty Nora.



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Over the past week Year 2 have been learning about Divali.  If you would like to know more click on Divali and have a look.


Year 2 have made their own Diva lamps and decorated Rangoli patterns to celebrate Divali the Hindu festival of light.

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More travelling with Year 2 in Literacy.

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In Literacy Year 2 have been looking at a story called On the Way Home.  In this story a little girl called Claire hurts her knee and on the way home she meets lots of her friends and tells them very imaginative stories of how it happened.  Why don’t you have a look at the wall below and tell Year 2 who or what you would like to meet on the way home.



On The Way Home!

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Travelling Stories

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